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              Security, Privacy, & Legal

              At Citizens Bank keeping your personal information safe is our main concern.

              Protect yourself with IBM Security Trusteer Rapport software.

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              Questions?Ask a Citizen.


              Ensuring the safety of your customer information is as important to us as it is to you. To prevent fraud and shield your critical financial information, Citizens Bank uses a number of powerful security measures to protect you online. We encourage you to learn more about the steps we take to secure your confidential information.


              We implement reasonable measures to protect the confidentiality of Social Security numbers, to prohibit unlawful disclosure of Social Security numbers, and to limit access to Social Security numbers. Our privacy policies explain how we handle and secure your online identity and private customer details.


              Our Legal Terms of Use can be found here.

              Fraud Prevention

              At Citizens Bank we are vigilant about shielding customers from fraud, scams, and identity theft. We also provide advice on practices you can use to protect your own identity and guard against unauthorized use of your account.

              To report any suspected fraud concerning your Citizens Bank accounts, read our section on Fraud Reporting.

              How Citizens Protects You

              To prevent fraud and safeguard your critical financial information, Citizens Bank maintains a number of powerful security measures to protect you online.

              For added security, we encourage you to download free IBM® Security Trusteer Rapport® security software to prevent fraud when you bank and shop online.

              Protect Yourself

              At Citizens Bank, your safety and security are our priorities. There are a number of ways to help guard against unauthorized use of your account and protect your identity. For example, the Contact Information section contains details about when and how the bank will contact you to help you avoid scams.

              To report any suspicious activity concerning your Citizens Bank accounts, call us at 1-800-922-9999 or call the phone number found on the back of your credit/debit card or monthly statement.

              Protect Your Business

              Threats to your information and your account security are constantly changing. There are a number of ways to help keep your business information secure. We also provide details on when and how the bank would contact you in the Contact Information section.

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